Klotz Cable

For the last twelve years, I have always spoiled myself by using Klotz Guitar Cable from Germany. Any guitarist would immediately hear the difference between this cable and others. Besides using it exclusively at Kendrick, my entire studio is wired with it. I have been importing this by the 100 meter spools and making cables for myself and a few close friends as I needed them. Kendrick Customers constantly ask me what kind of cable I use, but since Klotz is unavailable in the US, the customers usually settle for George L cable (which isn't too bad, but doesn't measure up to the Klotz).

At Kendrick we sell everything that a guitarist needs except cable, so I decided to start making this superior cable available to Kendrick Customers. Did I mention that in 12 years of constant use, I have never had a cable failure? The end plugs are the Nuetrik 1/4" male connectors, also from Germany. These are so much better than Switchcraft jacks that it is unfair to even compare them.

The cable is very low resistance, less than 85 ohms per kilometer! And the capacitance is a ridiculous 70 pf per meter! This means good crisp high-end even with long cable runs on large stages! The insulation resistance is greater than 1 gigaohm per kilometer! In short, there simply is not a better quality cable available. If there was, I'd be using it myself.

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