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Klotz cable dealer inquiries are welcome - As the Exclusive Distributor for the United States, we are now setting up a dealer network to distribute Klotz Guitar cable (and Klotz microphone and speaker cable). If you are a dealer or you know a dealer that would be interested please contact us and lets talk about this ground-floor dealership opportunity.

The Klotz cable is noticeably better than Monster cable, George L, Audio Quest, Canare, Mogami, etc. It simply doesn't have the losses. More of what your guitar is producing makes it to the amp. If you lose tone between the guitar and the amp, it is gone forever, won't be coming back and can't be recovered. Almost anyone (including my wife that is not trained in music) can instantly hear the difference between the Klotz and any other cable. This is not snake oil, it is the real deal. Play guitar with your old cord, play the Klotz, notice that your guitar sounds like someone turned down the tone control when you use your old cable.

It costs very little to set up a dealership for Klotz cable and it is a product that appeals to all guitarists.

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